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Current Productions

2019 Fall Semester Productions:

[Working Title] Apology

[Director] Marwah Shuaib


[SYNOPSIS] A college vlogger crafts a cryptic apology video.
















[Working Title] Going Home

[Writer/Director] Abraham Chen


[SYNOPSIS] This is a story about a soldier coming home. Matt, a Marine, returns from three tours in Iraq. He is trying to adapt to civilian life, but uncontrollable pain due to events that took place during his deployment makes this impossible. He is at the crossroads and has to decide on where to go next in his life.



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[Working Title] The Morning Crescent

[Writer] Matt Healey & Valerie Speirs

[SYNOPSIS] After a friend leaves him a mysterious note, a young basketball player sets out to find its meaning and is met with lies, deceit, and danger.





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2018 Fall Master Production

Memories of an Owl

[Writer/Director] Jackson Kosmacki


[SYNOPSIS] A delusional young writer loses his mind over the course of writing his newest novel, sending him spiraling into a world of paranoia, delirium, and talking pigs.

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Past Productions