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Equipment Use and Return
The Filmmaker's Society at UVA offers a collection of filmmaking equipment for its members. We hope that you will take good care of the equipment during its use and return it on time for the next member to use.

Please return any borrowed or found equipment to the Robertson Media Center desk on the third floor of Clemons Library. Please return only to the FMS equipment manager during their shift and DO NOT borrow any FMS-owned equipment without explicit instructions from our equipment manager.

Contact us at fmsatuva@gmail.com

Step 1

Identify which equipment you need

Talk to your Director of Photography or an FMS exec member and discuss your shot list. This will let us know which equipment you need.

Check the availability of the equipment

Often multiple production teams shoot on the same weekend. So please reserve your equipment ahead of time This way we can ask the previous person who borrowed it to return it on time

Step 3

Pick up and Use

Coordinate with the equipment manager of FMS to arrange the pickup of the equipment. We recommend bringing a friend to help you carry the equipment as most of it are enclosed in hard carrying cases and are heavy.

Use the blue utility wagon for outdoor shoots only. We hope you will use it carefully and return it without any damages  

Step 4

Check if everything is packed and present before you return it

Often members forget one small piece of equipment or even an entire item. We request you to double check and triple check if all the equipment is in the box before returning it. If anything is missing, we will hold you financially responsible for any damages or missing items

Step 2